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Commercial Tire Services Offered at Tire World

Tire World is your source for tires for almost all industries. From tires for trucks, construction, and mining, to material handling, forklifts, and agricultural tires at Tire World. We also install and service these tires with our mobile fleet of trained tire service technicians.

Look through our list below to see which services may be helpful to your business!


When it comes to trucks, having the right tires is very important to the overall functionality of your vehicle. At Tire World, we offer different types of tires to best meet your needs. Helping to reduce cost per mile and minimize downtime. We proudly represent Continental, General, Ameristeel, and Goodyear. As well as have access to most brands of tires that you may want. We also have a selection of used tires to keep you running, if needed. In these brands we stock the:

  • drive tires
  • steer tires
  • all position tires, and 
  • trailer tires

At Tire World, we offer recaps and casings as well. Helping to keep operating costs down. Our alignment shop is equipped to properly  align your tires, thereby getting the most life and reducing wear. For more information related to the tire services we offer for trucks, please contact us at (801) 485-1940.

OTR Tires

Tire World recognizes that the real work starts at the ground level and the machinery that moves the ground, smooths, excavates, and shapes it takes a special kind of tire and special equipment to install and service these tires.  At Tire World, we offer quality OTR  tires from Firestone and Continental, with other brands available. The OTR tires that we offer are durable, heavy-duty, and high-functioning. That means that as you use your equipment or machinery, your tires will be the last thing that you’ll be worrying about!

Retread Tires

Tire World loves to help you save money, while also getting the most out of what you’re spending. To help you save your time, energy, and the money in your wallet, we offer retread tires. The retread tires that we have in stock have been carefully inspected and repaired for long mileage and reliable service with the right tread for your needs.

Material Handling/Forklifts

Different material handling equipment requires different types of tires. For example, if you tend to use forklifts in your commercial business, then having the right type of tires can greatly improve the functionality of your forklift. It can also improve how safe your forklift is while it’s being used. We have the largest inventory in the state for Continental, General, and Trelleborg forklift tires. We also offer the Thombert selection of polyurethane tires and rollers. 

For your forklift service needs we offer:

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Mobile press service
  • For large tires, we have an inhouse 200K press 
  • TIA Certified service personnel  

Construction Tires

In construction, time is money. Having the right tire and the right service is paramount to your success and bottom line. Tire World carries a full line of those tires needed for your skid steer, grader, loader, and reach lifts. As well as the trained staff to get you up and running quickly. For your needs we proudly carry:

  • Continental
  • General
  • Firestone
  • Mitas

As well as access to most other brands that you may want.

Agricultural Tires

The American farmer feeds the world!! Tire World proudly supports the agriculture industry with quality tires and the service personnel that can repair and replace tires in the field. We understand the need for tire ballast to improve your traction and we are equipped to handle your needs.  When it comes to tires used in agriculture, the tires’ ability to function at an optimal level is even more important.

At Tire World, we offer:

  • garden tractor tires
  • flotation tires
  • implement tires
  • and so much more!

If you’re unsure of what type of tires you need for your agricultural business, reach out to us by calling us at (801) 485-1940. We can help you find the right types of services and tires that you need!

Polyurethane Foam Fill

Whether you are in the construction, material handling, or forklift arena, ,down time is costly! That unexpected flat can cost you hundreds of dollars per hour. Tire World has a solution for you! Tire World is the top provider in Utah for filling your tires with polyurethane flat proofing. We are the provider for many other tire stores as they- recognize the value it provides to their clients. Call us at 801-485-1940 to find out if our flat proofing program is right for you. Call us before it’s too late!!

Tire World Offers Commercial Services That Will Exceed Your Expectations!

If there is a service that you would like but we haven’t mentioned here, please feel free to reach out to us. We would also be more than happy to discuss the different services that we offer. 

At Tire World, we believe in exceeding the expectations that our customers have for us! We have solutions for all of your commercial tire needs and services. We have been in business since 1966 providing the Salt Lake Valley with quality products, but most importantly, value! Reach out to us today at 801-485-1940 


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